Diagnostic testing is available in clinic, to help take the guess work out of what is going on for you and get to the root cause of your health concerns. There are often numerous contributing factors to symptoms, so utilising appropriate testing to inform the best treatment approach, is key to getting you feeling better faster.

If testing is recommended, we will discuss this during your initial or report of findings consultation.

Pathology Testing

Pathology Testing

Where possible, we will utilise previous pathology test results and work with your GP if new testing is recommended. However, there are certain circumstances where pathology testing may need to be ordered privately. Pathology testing is useful for determining nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction and metabolic dysregulation.

Gut Testing

Gut Testing

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Gut health is key to overall health and well being, so determining the key drivers behind your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms is the first step in resolving them for good. Specific testing is recommended on a case by case basis.

Genetic Testing

DNA Testing

Genetic testing is available in clinic through two reputable Australian companies Nutripath and FitGenes and it is a simple and non-invasive oral swab. Both companies have the highest standards when it comes to privacy and your data and only test genetic variants that are evidence-based and known to have a significant impact on human health, unlike many commercially available tests.  Furthermore, nutritional and lifestyle interventions are clinically shown to alter genetic expression or compensate for the effect of their variation.

What DNA testing covers:

Nutrigenomics (individual nutrient requirements e.g. Vitamin D, B12, etc.)

Methylation (e.g. MTHFR) and liver detoxification

Hormones and fertility

Cognition and mood

Cardiovascular health

Immunity, cell defence and inflammation

Metabolic health including carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism

Food intolerances and sensitivities

If you have a family or personal history of disease or illness and you would like to understand how to prevent or better manage your condition by harnessing the power of your genetics, then DNA testing may be for you.  Conditions may include autoimmune disease, weight issues and obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, mental health, hormonal and fertility issues.

Want to know more about how genetic testing can help you with infertility and pre-conception care? Read my blog post here.

I am trained in nutrigenomics and can arrange genetic testing, provide clinical interpretation and develop a personalised treatment plan that incorporates your genetics and environment, and most importantly, works for you.

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Physical & Naturopathic Assessment

Physical & Naturopathic Assessment

Physical and Naturopathic Assessment forms a key part of the work I do with every client. During an initial appointment, you could expect to have a range of the following assessments, whether you are seeing me in person or online:

Blood pressure check

Pulse rate

Oxygen saturation

Tongue assessment

Nails assessment

Basic iridology assessment

Remember, Naturopathic care is holistic, meaning we always consider every aspect of your health. This comprehensive approach ensures I have the best understanding of what is going on in your body, to ensure the best treatment approach.



Iridology forms a central part of the work I do in clinic, giving yet another layer of detail about the unique individuals I work with.

Every new client I see gets a basic iridology assessment that includes:

strength of constitution

aspects of their personality that may be impacting on their health

how they digest their food

how they manage stress

any key nurture points

Stand alone iridology appointments are also available in clinic, for those who want to go a little deeper. Digital photos and a written report are also provided.

“Iridologists assess variations of colour and fibre structure to determine the constitutional strength of the physical body, as well as aspects of the personality, which can influence conscious and unconscious emotional patterns.”    Toni Miller