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Ovulation as a marker of health and wellbeing.

Ovulation as a marker of health and wellbeing. “Did you know that being more ‘fertile’ can actually improve your health and wellbeing?” Dr Nat Kringoudis Ovulation is a sign of health. Ovulation is how we make oestrogen and progesterone, both of which have amazing health benefits. So let’s dive right in and see what all the fuss is about! Oestrogen. Oestrogen is needed to stimulate luteinising hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), both of which work together to trigger…

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The Pillars of Health for Autoimmune Mastery (Part 1)

The Pillars of Health for Autoimmune Mastery (Part 1) Health is multifaceted. It is never just about what you put into your mouth or how many sessions you do at the gym each week.  True holistic health comes when we address ALL aspects of our health, including our physical, financial (yes, money is important as financial security helps us to feel safe), mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Many people focus solely on diet when it comes to managing autoimmune disease,…

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Understanding Endometriosis

Understanding Endometriosis I am seeing more and more women with endometriosis in clinic. Statistically it is thought to affect 1 in 10 women, however many of those women remain undiagnosed (read my blog on living with an invisible illness here). Diagnosis can be challenging. Firstly, because doctors don’t always understand the degree of pain that women experience. Sadly I see many of my patients dismissed from the doctor’s office, leaving them feeling deflated, misunderstood and unheard. A diagnosis can only…

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