Health Conditions Treated

Autoimmune and inflammatory disease

Chronic immune dysfunction and inflammation are the key drivers behind a number of disorders including: 

I specialise in working with women with autoimmune disease and complex health issues. Education is key and I work with clients to uncover their primary drivers and teach them the tools they need for long term health and wellbeing. 

Women’s health

I have worked with hundreds of women to support hormonal health. If you have been putting up with unwanted symptoms and relying on band-aid approaches, now is the time to take charge of your health and bring back balance to your hormones.  

I can help you with:

Gut health

Gut health is key to optimal health and wellbeing and forms a core component of the work I do in clinic. I find that many people simply fall through the gaps when it comes to gut health and put up with unwanted and debilitating symptoms, sometimes for years. If this sounds like you, or someone you love, I can help.

I work with clients, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, who struggle with:

Children’s health

I often work with children from infancy through to teenage years, to help with a number of health issues including:

  • gut health
  • skin conditions incl. eczema
  • recurrent infections
  • behavioural & sleep issues

Children often respond very quickly to treatment and the key to success is found in understanding the key drivers and working together as a family to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support optimal health.

Other health conditions

As a rural naturopath, I have clients presenting with a variety of conditions, including: