Tolle Totum Therapies

Tolle Totum is latin for ‘treat the whole person’ and this is exactly what I do

Welcome To Tolle Totum Therapies.

Hi there! I’m Denise Berry, Naturopath and business owner of Tolle Totum Therapies.

As well as providing Naturopathic consultations to my local community in the beautiful Granite Belt area of Queensland, I also work as a Naturopath via TeleHealth, where I see patients from all over Australia.

As a compounding Naturopath, I provide personalised remedies in powder, capsule and liquid form, ensuring my clients only get what they need, minus the fillers and often unnecessary ingredients in pre-made formulations.

I help my clients to better manage their health using the power of nutrigenomics, herbal medicine, and diet and lifestyle interventions, so they can be symptom-free, feel fabulous and regain their zest for life.

I also have a special interest in complex cases, including autoimmune disease, so if you feel you have exhausted all avenues and don’t know where to turn next, I’d love to help you.

Are you ready to take charge of your health and get your mojo back?

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